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Ever since I started medical school I’ve had the feeling that I’m never studying enough. Even though I could engage in countless hours infront of the books, the feeling of inadequacy was my faithful friend. The medical field is so broad that even now, after I’ve graduated and is engaging in my internship the feeling is still standing strong.

I had hoped that I would have time to catch up on the medical studies during my maternity leave but the responsibility of the everyday life with a baby doesn’t leave much time to spare, let alone the concentration needed to truly learn something. Every time I tried to indulge in my medical books or medical related document I had to cancel it after just a few minuted due to the need of breastfeeding, changing diaper, cleaning, bring home my older son from daycare and so on.

I’s kind of a shame since I truly like reading, and I’m feeling that I don’t want to waste my days, my time and life on something of unimportance but on doing things of real importance, as Robin William put it – to make my life extraordinary. Carpe diem – not just waste my diem..


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