Normal umbilical: Wash daily with a gauze pad or cotton swab and warm water and then dried.

Smeary and smelly umbilical: Washed clean with chlorhexidine in alcohol 5mg / ml. (Note: not alsolsprit!) Parents receive advice on umbilical care and this action is followed up by the nurse at the child health center.

Suspected umbilical infection (Omphalitis): smeared and smelly belly button, as well as increasing redness of the surrounding skin. Possibly fever and malaise. Risk of sepsis. Be referred urgently to the pediatrician.

Exuding navel: The reason may be the remaining residual ducts (Omphalo Mesentericus respective urachus) from the fetal period. Should be referred to a children’s surgical clinic.

Bleeding umbilical: It is common that the umbilical bleeds a little after the umbilical stump has fallen off. This needs rarely to be addressed.

Umbilical granuloma: Show as a gray-white hard peg that remains after that umbilical stump has fallen off. Treated with physiological saline. The umbilical should be washed with cotton swab 1-3 times / day after which most granulomas disappear within 3 weeks. If the granuloma remains after this treatment, etching can be used.

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