Lent 2017 – a time for spiritual growth

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Lent 2017 is a perfect -get close to God- time.

Yesterday, ash Wednesday, the beginning of the catholic lent. I’ve decided that it will mark the beginning of a new era in my life, that is to engage in a more spiritual approach to life. To read more and to listen more to figures like Bishop Barron, Joyce Meyer and Fr Mike Schmitz. I can especially recommend Bishop barrons youtube-channel. I’ve come to realize that the internet-world is abundant for the one who is truly interested in these subjects. I’ve also decided that I’ll try to attend church-mass as much as possible, I attended with my mother in law the catholic mass yesterday and the syrian-orthodox mass today. They have a daily mass at 11 o’clock at the orthodox church that I’ll try to go to, even though I don’t understand the syriac language.

Facebook is another thing that I’ve shut down during lent, mostly due to the fact that I’ve experienced that there’s so much negative energy there, people seem to mostly share depressing stories. I’ve noticed that twitter is a more cheerful place,  particularly because you’re in charge of your following-list. If you don’t like someones tweet, you can easily unfollow without any offense. From now on, I’d like to spend my time on matters that will increase my knowledge and wisdom. That includes studying more medicine. Wish me luck mates!


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