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I’m always trying to find good medical videos on youtube, since I believe its a very good learning method. That’s why I got trilled when I found the EDexitvideo. It belongs to an emergency doctor, Dr. Carlo Oller. Here’s what he says about his youtube-channel:


Dr. Carlo Oller is an emergency physician with more than 10 years experience. Initially started this website in order to feed EDexitVideo.com a 'free' education website for patient about their diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, and procedures encountered through the emergency department. Then began sharing personal videos as well as interesting procedures, that is when the YouTube Channel took off. Today the channel is used to share my life...from learning topics, to daily stuff, to family time with the kids. Here you will get a glimpse at the private life of an ER doctor.

Click here for the link to his channel.


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  1. Carlo  September 18, 2016

    Thank you for this post!
    I appreciate the review and your support!

    I just love teaching, and my channel / website allows me to do so to a worldwide audience. My new web page DrER.tv addresses other time of general health education.


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