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Lent 2017 – a time for spiritual growth

Lent 2017 is a perfect -get close to God- time. Yesterday, ash Wednesday, the beginning of the catholic lent. I've...

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Today’s bible verse, Isaiah 42

From time to time I like to oped up my bible and read whatever comes up in the scripture. Doing this gives me the s...

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There’s so much to learn!

  Ever since I started medical school I've had the feeling that I'm never studying enough. Even though I coul...

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Chemicals in approved baby products are alarming:

Chemicals - can't live with them, can't live without them.. A couple of days ago, while cleaning the house, I've d...

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SEO and pregnancy

I've just visited my midwife, little baby boy is not yet fixated so most likely I won't give birth anytime soon. Th...

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Family & faith time

I have just celebrated Easter with my family in Norrkoping. Had a great time with laughter, destress and good foo...

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Hi there!

Welcome to Here you’ll find my medical notes that I’ve gathered through medical school and through my experience as a doctor. The content on this site comes from both lectures and course literature. Since this is a work in progress and since I’ve managed to gather quite a lot of information, it will understandably take a while to put it all up. But Nota Bene! Some of the lecture and medical notes are already up and running, like this one about Herpes simplex.

In the meanwhile, while waiting eagerly for more medical notes, you can visit the blog and gallery. There, I write about the lastest medical news and  put up medical videos. I hope you’ll find it interesting and useful and please be free to comment!

Best Regards, Mirjam Messo



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